Introduction T0 90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo

In the UK the most popular game is the 90 ball bingo version. In this version there are 90 possible numbers that can be called in a single game.

90 Ball bingo is played on a ticket nine boxes wide and three boxes deep. Each ticket contains 15 numbers randomly selected from 1 thru 90, three rows of five numbers (15 numbers in total).

Each ticket has exactly 15 numbers randomly dispersed among the blank squares – 5 numbers per line with 3 lines.

Numbers 1-9 feature in the 1st column
Numbers 10-19 feature in the 2nd column
Numbers 20-29 feature in the 3rd column
Numbers 30-39 feature in the 4th column
Numbers 40-49 feature in the 5th column
Numbers 50-59 feature in the 6th column
Numbers 60-69 feature in the 7th column
Numbers 70-79 feature in the 8th column
Numbers 80-90 feature in the 9th column

90 Ball

The object of the 90 Ball is to complete a line, then 2 lines, then all 3 lines which is a full house, on one of your tickets. After the winner is called for completing 1 line, everyone is in the running to complete 2 lines, and then the full house. Each line completed awards a prize to one or more winners of that round.

The concept of 90 Ball Bingo is very similar to 75 Ball, instead of playing with cards, you play with tickets. Below is a list of the best and most trusted UK Bingo Halls offering generous deposit match bonuses. Have fun and good luck!

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